Meet Our Team of Physiotherapists,
& Massage Therapists

Our RECOVR PHYSIOTHERAPY team members are:

Saravanan Shanmugham - RECOVR Physiotherapy Edmonton

Saravanan Shanmugham


Saravanan , Post-Graduate in Physiotherapy (2007), taught Orthopedics, Musculo-skeletal, Neurology and Sports Physiotherapy both at under-graduate and post-graduate levels in different renowned colleges and universities in India from 2007 to 2015. After moving to Canada in 2016, Saravanan has been working in various Physiotherapy clinics and he has gained a rich experience in treating patients with complex Musculo-skeletal problems in the spine and peripheral joints. He has the expertise to work with each patient, treat the symptoms and address the cause of those symptoms, realizing that every patient presents different requirements and goals.

Ritesh Sinha - RECOVR Physiotherapy Edmonton

Ritesh Sinha


Ritesh, Post-Graduate in Physiotherapy (2008), taught in a university of International repute in India along with working in private clinics till 2013. After moving to Canada in 2013, he has been working as a Physiotherapist in University of Alberta Hospital and in private clinics, as well. His approach to treatment is not just to treat the symptoms but also to find the root cause of patients’ problems resulting in faster and long-lasting results. Having several years of experience with Orthopedics and Musculo-Skeletal patients, Ritesh has been ample expertise in the treatment and management of the complex cases suffering from Musculo-Skeletal conditions. Ritesh also has a keen interest in treating sports injuries and rehabilitation.

Elena Fursova

Elena Fursova

Massage Therapist

I am originally from Moscow, Russia. In my twenties, I became very passionate about dance and bodywork. I took many training programs and participated in some dance projects as a principal dancer. I graduated with honors from the University of Physical Culture in Moscow.

Several years ago, I also learned about yoga therapy as a wellness system and worked as a yoga instructor in Russia. During that time, I met many people, one of whom became my teacher in Thai massage therapy. I finished three different training courses in Thai treatment and felt I was on the right road toward realizing my potential as a health facilitator.

In 2013, my family and I moved to Canada. I continued my journey as a health facilitator by finishing my 2200-hour training at the Massage Therapy College of Manitoba.

At this point, my journey transformed my view of the value of touch. These past years, I mastered the Myofascial Cupping Technique and Sports Massage Technique, finished all modalities with Tissue Talk Academy, and am on my way to becoming a Cranio Sacral therapist. Moreover, I had the privilege to work with young athletes at special events across Alberta and become a mom of the elite athlete.

I am helping my daughter, Sofya Fursova, reach her dream of becoming an Olympian in the Figure Skating world. Massage Therapy has become my passion and style of living, and I facilitate my clients with the desire to bring their bodies and mind into balance.