Concussion Management

The complex pathophysiological process of a concussion affects the brain. It results from a biomechanical force injury, such as a hit to the head, neck, or face or a blow to another body region that transmits mechanical force to the head. It's possible that the person didn't lose consciousness (LOC) due to the occurrence. In reality, LOC is only involved in about 10% of concussions.

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Role of Physiotherapists in Concussion

Physiotherapists can treat the impairments managed by physiotherapy and other presenting co-morbidities. They can also make a physiotherapy differential diagnosis of the presenting signs and symptoms. The advancement of the patient's return to play/return to activity is supported by the treatment planning and exercise recommendations. A thorough physical therapy evaluation will also look for more significant pathology or disorders that may need to be referred to specialists or other professions.