Features of MDT

An MDT physician can determine whether MDT is necessary, choose the optimal management approach, and sketch out a likely recovery route. The initial assessment, a safe and reliable format for arriving at an accurate classification, is a fundamental component of the approach. Only then can the proper care plan be developed, considering the different variables affecting the patient's perception of pain.

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Mulligan Treatment

Health care professionals specializing in treating patients with musculoskeletal pain use the manual therapy technique of mobilization with movement. Individuals can benefit from improving mobility constraints, pain with movement, and functional restrictions with the help of physiotherapists and other professionals educated in the Mulligan Concept. The Mulligan concept uses several various spinal mobilizing procedures. Natural hypophyseal glides (NAGs), sustained natural hypophyseal glides (SNAGS), and mobilizations with movement are among the mobilizing strategies (MWMs). Your physical therapist will decide on a course of action following your pain level.