Functional Capacity Evaluations

Functional capacity evaluations (FCEs) give detailed information regarding a person's capacity to return to work or carry out everyday activities after being injured, ill, or normal. A series of tests are administered to assess how you are doing in several areas as part of the FCE, which is a thorough evaluation of your physical and functional abilities. The FCE is either particular to your work and related responsibilities or universal.

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Variety of Tests

The physiotherapist will conduct various tests to measure your balance, level of fatigue, physical strength, tolerance, ability to walk, lift and carry, and ability to perform fine and gross motor skills. You will be asked to perform these tests using machines, tools, and specific motions.

How Personalized
Exercise Programs Help

Individualized exercise plans for those without impairments or functional deficits want to increase their general fitness and enjoyment of life, lower their risk of illness or accident, or all three. A therapist must comprehend how the various forms of exercise influence body tissues and body systems and how those exercise-induced effects impact important areas of physical function to plan and implement successful exercise interventions.