IMS Dry Needling

The IMS dry needling procedure uses dry needles to treat the body's afflicted areas. The needle sites may be close to the spine, where the nerve root may have become inflamed and extremely sensitive, or they may be at the heart of taut, sore muscle bands.

A typical muscle can be penetrated painlessly, but a shortened, extremely sensitive muscle can grab the needle in a cramp-like sensation. The result is threefold.


Process of Dry Needling

The process of dry needling is as follows:

  • A Stretch Receptor in the Muscle Is Stimulated, Producing a Reflex Relaxation (Lengthening).
  • Additionally, the Needle Leaves a Tiny Wound That Pulls Blood to the Area and Starts the Body's Natural Healing Process.
  • The Procedure Induces an Electrical Potential in the Muscle, Restoring Normal Nerve Function.

Goals of Dry Needling

The treatment aims to relieve muscle shortening, irritation, and pressing on the nerve. Desensitizing supersensitive places and releasing the constant strain of shortened muscles are possible. IMS successfully releases contracture, and shortened muscles, which reduces mechanical pain from the muscular pull.