Shock Wave Therapy Edmonton

An acoustic wave called a shockwave transmits high energy to myoskeletal tissues and painful areas in subacute, sub-chronic, and chronic illnesses. Bones, tendons, and other soft tissues may regenerate and repair themselves, thanks to the energy. High amplitude, abrupt changes in pressure, and non-periodicity are characteristics of shockwaves. Compressed air generates the projectile's kinetic energy, which is then delivered to the transmitter at the applicator's tip and farther into the tissue

Shockwave Therapy Edmonton - RECOVR Physiotherapy

What Are The Benefits of Shockwave Therapy?

Shockwave therapy is a multidisciplinary device used in orthopedics, physiotherapy services, sports medicine, and urology. Fast pain alleviation and increased movement are two of its key benefits. It is the appropriate treatment to hasten healing and treat numerous symptoms causing acute or chronic pain because it is non-surgical and does not require narcotics.

What Conditions Can Be Treated With Shockwave Therapy?

  • Golfer’s Elbow
  • Tennis Elbow
  • Shin Splints, IT Band Friction Syndrome
  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Achilles Tendinitis
  • Trochanteric Bursitis
  • Trigger Point
  • Patellar Tendinitis
  • Rotator Cuff Tendinitis